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Originally Posted by DrDoUm View Post
Isn't the FPS limitation intended to prevent injury?

This is simple physics and I guess 99% of ASC users figured this out but... the energy output on the bb is (relatively) always the same even if the bb is heavier, meaning the slower .43 BB will hurt as much as the .20 BB that goes faster if it's shot from the same airsoft.

Isn't it why FPS are measured using .20 BBs before games even though you're using other size?

In other words, if your airsoft shots too fast, it's not the bb you have to change. Correct me if I'm wrong there.
he can't even write properly. I don't expect he will understand any physics rules... lol.

The thing I was wondering though, I just want to make sure I get the principle right:

Going for a heavier BB might actually increase its power, because since it stays in the barrel, being pushed on longer.

in other words, as you increase the weight, the speed lowers, but slower than the weight increase, while the power goes up slightly.

if you increase weight by 50%, the speed will decrease by only 40%, while power will raise by 10%. THOSE NUMBERS MAY BE WAY OFF, its just an example to see if I got the principle right. I guess this will depend on the barrel length... I guess with a 1 inch barrel, this will probably almost not apply, and if you have a 12 feet barrel, this would have a MAJOR impact, right?
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