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You just don't get it dude. If there's one thing this forum is against, it's smuggling guns into the country. Whether done through a shady foreign retailer like ECA or through other means. That includes "other ways of getting replica guns into Canada".

But in 50% of the posts you've made to date, you're either supporting ECA, telling of your great experience with them, etc. Even though you state you got lucky and won't buy from them again, all you're doing is repeatedly promoting the idea that it's easy and ok to smuggle guns into the country. And your "support matt form ECA" bull is nothing short of advertising in a non-AV part of the forum, which is against rules of the forum (which I suggest you read, btw - it'll save you a lot of future headaches).

That's what's not flying with the community and getting you repeatedly flamed. It's not about others being immature. It's about you not being able to keep your mouth shut about your own illegal acquisition of airsoft guns. What I can guarantee you is that if you don't step in line and start showing some maturity, your age verification will never happen, because either the verifiers won't want to, or forum admins will reject it.
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