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Originally Posted by cjboi View Post
I support matt for saying "there's other ways of getting replica guns to Canada", its my opinion and it should'nt matter for the people that dont care about Eastcoastairsoft. Like i said, I got lucky that my guns didnt get seized. Stop getting pumped up and crazy over something that relates to Eastcoastairsoft, because seriously im just telling "Sparta117xx" my experience. FYI I plan to buy guns from ASC too and ill be age verified soon. So could you guys stop hating on me and be mature for once. This is a forum and not for some uneducated person who would just bash a person because he's just telling people his experience. GROW UP!!! It's great that we have airsoftcanada, but for people that would just ruin it. Then i suggest you play nerf guns since your acting so immature and purile.
This is ASC, some are ex-military some are still in the militarty. Some were cops and some still are. What you have to realize is that appropriate topics involve actions and discussions that all members can deem as legal. You had an experience with an illegal action, this could have been vandalism or drug related. Instead it is airsoft related, never the less no one needs to know and no one wants you to repeat or spread this detail of your criminal past.
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