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Originally Posted by yourinmuhcrosshairz View Post
i play in my friends backytard, but hes loaded so its like 2 acres. with old cars and trucks spread out for cover, dune buggys, little trails , TONNES of bush for sniping, open areas. golf carts. tons of guns. like 6 computers full of videogames. it fuckin rocks
You're 19, and yet you A) Don't know how to spell, B) Don't know why people need to know your age (FAQs, anyone?) and C) Don't have the common sense to check if playing airsoft in your friend's backyard is legal?

FYI, it's illegal.

Either you're not anywhere near 19, or your mom shouldn't have kickboxed while she was pregnant.

My internet is spazzing, would someone mind linking him the legality FAQs? Maybe Strelok's cartoons about sniping and public play?

EDIT: Oops, almost forgot to take a shot. Yum.
God is a /b/tard.

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