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So basically proper airseal all around as compression is only in the cylinder. Air could leak between nozzle and hop-up (common problem). What are the FPS limits where you play?

Ragboy - you are right that the M14 has much more potential to be far more accurate and have better range. I know of a couple M14s like that. They have about $600+ worth of upgrades/gun doc fees on top of the original cost and you always start with a TM otherwise it's a headache.

Same with VSR-10 sniper rifles, a couple hundred in upgrades are generally what any sniping platform requires.

Also thing with airsoft is with enforced FPS limits, the field is pretty balanced in terms of maximum range one can achieve in ideal circumstances. The only solutions are to move to heavier grade bbs and get higher quality hop-ups. All the upgrades are just to improve accuracy and not power.

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