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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
....The setup they have in the USA means you get a quick email reply to questions or spare parts requests. They're also aware of the hurdles anything sent across the border will have to make.
I second that comment.
I have several purchases on the go for various items (parts, kit, etc) and most of the people/companies that I have had dealing with were/are amazingly prompt and professional regardless as to them being foreign or not. But when I deal with KWA USA it is a nice change in the aspect of them having a CS department that speaks the local language, so there are no accidental misunderstanding because of the language barrier.
They are very knowledgeable on the intricacies of our import issues with various parts, and I don't have to break the bank calling them if there are issues, because out of the three times I have dealt with them, there have never been and any issues, and if there are any problems (with out of stock items, etc...) they have called me.

They are simply good at what they do.

But not to exclude my shared opinion on the following,
Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
...KWA are good guns too, but I have a hard time getting over those ugly-ass KWA trademarks on it. Trades are usually not a concern to me, but I want them either to be authentic, or have none at all. KWA's really bug me.
Do you feel the same about the PTW trades?? ........It's all personal preference.


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