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I skimmed that, but honestly anyone who knows anything about racing knows that guy is spewing pipedreamage. Can you do some illegal street drag in the industrial district with the setup he mentions? Sure. You might even win a few, specially if you're a good driver and the other guy isn't. But if you're competing with professionals? When the difference between winning and losing is measured in 1/10ths of a second, everything counts. Teams with budgets do better, that's a fact. Sure a shitty driver can blow all that away in a split second, but if you have a good driver in a good car your team will do well. But even a great driver in a not-so-good car will have a hard time scoring points, let alone getting a podium.

And you're right, the same IS true for airsoft. But the perceived "elitism" isn't so. And here again, we have a lot of people who've learned the hard way, buying a cheap gun and trying to bring it up to par ends up being expensive and usually yields sub-par results anyway. Some people bought good guns, but the people with the best guns built them up themselves and that's never cheap. Does it make you a better player? No. But a crappy gun will most definitely limit and frustrate you, no matter how good you are.

Not blowing your money on junk isn't elitism, it's common sense.
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