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Originally Posted by rokor View Post
I am canadian, but I wasn't planning on buying from them. I was just using that link as a comparason.

And I will eventually upgrade my M4 more, so I will be hoping for about 370 after; new barrel(6.04?), new nozzle, new piston head(looking at the Angel silent combo), and probably a new motor(something high torque most likely).

And I just ordered that EoTech clone from DealExtreme, should come in a few weeks.
A few points.

When buying barrels, the actual size doesn't really matter as much as the brand does. Prometheus is generally considered the best brand to buy inner barrels from. They stuff they produce is VERY high quality. If you are on a budget, Madbul v2 barrels are decent for the money.

As for nozzles, piston heads, and most other mechbox parts, I still recommend Prometheus, or, if your on a bit of a budget, modify. You can buy just tons of great modify parts in canada from

Also, don't forget, ICS hop-ups are not compatible with after-market hop-up chambers without modification.
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