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Angel.... that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. As an aside does anyone know whatever happened to them?

Before when I just joined it sounded like it was a "big name brand" but just stopped receiving attention and people stopped advertising that their guns had Angel parts in them (kind of like how some people say "All SystemA parts" or "all Prometheus parts" or "all Laylax parts").

As for mags, I personally go with the Magpul "Green Label" Mags (their "cheaper" line of mags). STAR (or ARES should I say) is their OEM manufacturer and I've been happy with the STAR mags I have right now and so bought some of those green label ones, haven't tested them out yet but they're affordable and if you lose one then so what it's not $15 down the drain rather it's like $8 down the drain (hopefully you find it in the end though).
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