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Originally Posted by Ragboy View Post
thank you, thats reply should almost be stickied...

i'll start from the beginning, I want Two things out of my gun ACCURACY and durability... EVERYTHING ELSE is optional... even look and originality. so if someone tells me that i can get the same accuracy and durability from an armalite as from a nicely upgraded M14, than hot damn you just made my day...

i want an m14 because it seems ( and to some of my research) that the longer barrel and V4 mechbox give it the two things i want out of my gun out of the box.

Now dont get me wrong i intend on upgrading to get a tight bore and better pistons and so on and so forth. but what i'm looking for is the gun that will give me ACCURACY and DURABILITY while having to change the least amount of parts.

SO feel free to reassure my little newb mind and tell me that it is possible to get a less costly make and model than the m14 and still get a DM RIFLE capability ( as in not having to buy an m4 and turn into a bloody spr 3000$ later)
Reliability and durability = TM M14,
TM M14's have shorter barrels than an M16, but a MUCH better hop-up system that makes them much more accurate and reliable shot to shot.

They also have V7 mechboxes, not V4.

Anything will be reliable and durable if you're willing to spend the money on it.

The less you spend, the less reliable it will be (This is all true to a point)

A BNIB, stock TM M14 firing at 300 FPS with quality ammo will out-shoot ALOT of upgraded clones.


Not to mention gundoc fees... I can fully upgrade a TM gun in about 3/4ths the time it takes me to upgrade a clone... Tolerance issues make my head hurt.
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