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Buying some parts soon.

Hey ASC, I need a little bit of advice on this one...

So a few months ago my ICS M4 died on me, and after a little bit of researching and testing, I found out it was the switch assembly. I've finally decided to go ahead and buy one from , and figured that while I'm at it, I might aswell buy a couple more small parts. This is where I could use a little advice.

I am looking for a new/better hop up. I was looking at this,

The thing is, I am aslo looking to boost my FPS a little. Hopefully to around 360-370. It says that this hopup unit works best with FPS's around 350. Should I choose a hopup that is rated for above 350, or does 10-20 fps not make a big difference? And also, is this a good hopup overall? At hop up units being such a low cost, I wouldn't mind paying a little more for the best.

And I am wondering if this spring will boost my FPS to where I want it (360-370), .

And finally, is this switch assembly good quality, and will it fit without modification?

Thanks in advance.
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