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So my mags showed up! Thanks Everyone for your help and support.

Heres the story if you are interested:
1) mags didn't get delivered

2) uncompany sent me notice of prohibited item

3) fedex confirmed prohibited item during phone call

4) attempted to return to sender, then found out it was gono cost me $42.32 to do so, resulting in a "0.978 USD" return according to Uncompany

5) sent a email to fedex covering my situation and asking for some sort of proof from customs that my mags were infact prohibited

6) email got forwarded 3 times to a Sr. Customs regulatory specialists within fedex

7) They responded with multiple issues with the package. "quote":
"The package contained a toy part inside along with the magazine. The part that was included inside the package fall under the prohibition from entering into Canada. There is a clause in the Canadian customs regulation that prohibits arms that may be mistaken for real arms from being imported.
Air guns and their parts fall under this clause because they can be modified or adapted to fit onto a weapon. Person authorized to import these commodities must obtain an import permit from the RCMP.
Customs examined the package and refused to release the package.
They have grounds to seize the shipment as there was a false declaration on the customs documentation and there was an undeclared prohibited item included inside the package.
They gave us the option of returning this item or having it destroyed under customs supervision.
FedEx is only going with the instructions we received from customs.
Hoping this gives you the answer you were looking for. "

8) I addressed all the suspecious things like extra parts included other then mags, false declaration and once again asked for customs documentation

9) case got transfered to vancouver.... didn't hear anything from them

10) Mags just showed up at my doorstep

11) Victory!
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