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Ahh, that reminds me of my early days. I told myself I was only going to spend $350 on one AEG and that was it! That's all I was going to spend on this strange and ridiculously expensive thing called Airsoft. Nobody was going to convince me otherwise!

Then after I started actually playing with other people and realized my gun was crap, I blew another $200 trying to upgrade the internals. Of course, the gun was crap in the first place so all the internals were just a waste of money or didn't work or everything just broke.

I sold it all at a major loss and spent the right amount of money on good stuff that lasts, that has aftermarket parts, that works.

If you aren't going to spend more than $400 on an M14, don't buy an M14 if you intend to play seriously with it. If it's just for a wall hanger or skirmishes, fine, go for AGM. If you intend to field it, fielding an AGM or G&G M14 will just not be that much fun unless you like punishment. Your gun will be overly long, it will be overly heavy, and you won't have the range nor accuracy (nor the ability to upgrade to the desired range and accuracy) where you will be effective with it.

This is still your money and the choice is still yours though. People are simply speaking from experience because we have all have regrets and try to steer people the right way.

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