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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
A friend just bought an AGM M14, the amount of money he is about to pour into this item to bring it up to his personal specs is actually over the cost of some of the used and upgraded items in the classifieds. However I suppose its all personal preference in what you like. He thought he would save some money getting an upgrade platform and tinkering with it. Till he discovered that he now wants to replace everything about it.
You're talking about me so I thought I'd clear some things up:

1) It's not an AGM, it's a CYMA. Only difference in my mind is the externals, on the CYMA they we actually adequate. And I got the CYMA at at a good sale price.

2) I always expected to spend a large sum of money on it over the long run, I never anticipated it being good 'out of the box'.

3) I already own many of the upgrade parts I'd require.

4) Because of the above fact, for the cost of a full internal swap out (remember, I found the externals to be adequate) the cost is equal to or still a little cheaper for a used TM; not including the money I would then spend upgrading the TM.
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