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Originally Posted by Forever_kaos View Post
I wouldn't go as far to say Airsoft is not for him if he can't/won't blow $500

You just got the budget your stuff, and find deals. Being Age Verified REALLY helps.

If you're into airsoft (Been to a game and like it) you can pick up a decent gaming rifle for ~$200 ish.

Sure you might need it upgraded/fine tuned/worked on after sometime, but that's not overly expensive especially if you do it your self.

Mags can be had cheap ish $100 or so.

See if you can borrow/rent a battery from somebody. That will save you from buying a good charger and batteries off the start but you really should invest in those sooner then later.

Buy a few belt pouches or a cheap vest to hold said mags. Throw on a pair of boots are you're golden.

Goggles are nice as most places who rent them don't have overly great quality but they will do, or ask and see if somebody can lend you one.

You can pretty well get a small basic load out for under $4-500.
After sometime, upgrade here and there.
I am definitaly not missing any gear... as of this moment i have everything i need gear wise, and i owe that to my dads 30 some years of accumulating old military gear. i have boots pouches hats socks a ghillie suit bdu's, the works. and i have my secondary ( USP)

so basically the money i have left is only for my primary gun. and thats just about 400$ give or take.

and that really is the maximum im comfortable paying so TM is right out of the question.
my loadout:
- KWA USP .45
- G&G m14 veteran version
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