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Intersted in your own Airsoft store?

One Shot Tactical is move from the 900sq ft we are in now, to 2800sq ft on the ground level in Trenton Ontario.

The 900sq ft space I am moving from is available to take over.

It will have pegboard and some shelving already on the walls and a 4' cash counter. Security system in place and can be taken over. Phone line that you just need to call Bell about.

I can set you up with a few product lines, that you would deal direct with the supplier. These are lines are ones I am dropping and that would like me to carry their products.

Large and growing client base in the area that already knows the location.

Here is what you need to provide;

1) Rent/lease $650
2) Register your business
3) Payment options for your clients
4) Time
5) Contact suppliers and get some product in

Advantages - I will be sending clients up to you when they are looking for products I don't carry.
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