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Originally Posted by Ragboy View Post
I've been lookng into it and im pretty sure that a g&g is my best bet but i'm not sure about it still because ever review i find is really mixed. What are youre impressions?
Not to sound like a dick but why do you NEED IT NOWNOWNOW? Why can't you keep the money you have and set it aside, then start adding more as you can in order to get a TM? Airsoft isn't going anywhere (I hope not) and as long as you have enough patience and money you can get anything you want.

When you settle for something, especially when warned against it, you will then come back to us and say "My AGM/G&G/whatever gun isn't working anymore! What do I do?" followed shortly by "Ok so I bought the parts I need but they dont fit! What do I do?" then followed by "Ok I'll just save up my money and get a TM". This happens like clockwork around here by people who refuse to take our advice when we give it to them and just do what they want anyway. Why bother asking us for advice if you will do whatever you want despite our headed warnings and advice from experience?

I have owned a G&G M14 that I received in a trade and unless you get the Veteran version (real wood stock and nicely factory upgraded internals) then your wasting your money. And the veteran is only slightly cheaper than a TM, if not on par with one. They use proprietary mags that won't fit TM or King Arms M14 mags, thus making mags more expensive. Im not sure about the parts compatibility but G&G have a tendency of being proprietary with certain parts/upgrades. I have since gone the TM route and will NEVER look back. The TM is lightyears ahead of any other M14 hands down, as with most other AEG/GBBs.
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Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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