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which parts?

What are you looking for?

As you can see on these pictures the common thing is only the blow back pneumatic cylinder. I would like to know its inner and outter size, length, where is the little hole in it which connects to the main cylinder. how big is the hole. how is it sealed? how does the air seal looks like between the two cylinder. What is it made from?

I'd like to know the blowback pistons size, length. How does the pistonhead looks like? What kind of spring does it have? how long is it, how strong is it?

As you can see on these pictures, there are two kind of plate what the BB system moves. I'd like to know its size.

The pneumatic system needs different mechbox. Its a kind of mixture of v2 and v3. Of course I'd like to know what is the diffenerce from normal mechboxes. in mm-s .

So it would be a very very messy work answering my question, but on the whole wide internet you cannot find any details about these technics.

If you anyone can help me, that would be respected

Tamas Antal
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