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Originally Posted by cc1231 View Post
What exactly is that? It's not a Firearms license, I assume? Once I get Age Verified, will a retailer outside of Canada be able to ship me the otherwise prohibited items if I send them my verification information? How exactly does it work?

And how do I get Age Verified? I searched Google but that didn't turn up anything particularly useful..
To answer your question of how you get the guns: you dont get them from any overseas retailer. We have our own retailers on this site and they will become present once you have your Age Verification tag in the sections you have closed off to you now marked as "private". You can only buy guns already in country, these people just do the leg work. That leg work comes at a price though. As pus mentioned you should pretty much forget the prices you see for US/Asia sites. Ours are way higher. Look for posts by "surebet" and in his signature you will find a thread that shows people what the classifieds look like (minus all pertinent information of course ) for selections and sometimes pricing at the point in time he took the screen caps. There may or may not be a stickied thread detailing this in the Newbie Tank.

Also when searching try using the search bar at the top of this board first, then google should be a second try. Also don't forget to read ALL the stickies in each forum as most, if not all of your questions are already answered there.
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Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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