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I've contemplated over a G&G M14 off and on for a long while now.

I've heard one extreme to the next.
"Awesome gun no idea why people insist on TM" and I've heard "It really is worth a load of crap and nothing more. Needed new parts out of the box" sort of things.

There is 2 reviews I came across on here. They both were basically in those 2 categories.

If you're possibly willing to spend on a project gun then go with whatever you are content with. Just look up some reviews and be sure you understand and accept what may come, or may not.

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and dont even attempt reenacting or living history, its worse.
No shit!

I'm sitting here wondering what do I kill my wallet with first... And when.
Thankfully as a German I can kill some of you yanks and steal some things off you guys, so I get to save. Or I get lucky and somebody has a spare set of this or that and is very generous

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