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I'd like to welcome all new players to my event at Claybank.

Operation Mason Relic II is indeed on May long weekend (May 22nd 23rd) I picked this day because of the fact that so many players come from so far away. I think it's nice to have the extra day to return home.

Operation Mason Relic II is for everyone. Last year saw experienced players as well as players that picked up a gun for the first time just weeks before the event. I struture my events this way to ensure growth in this sport across Canada. I think it's extremely important for the new guys to play along side the experienced to learn on field tactics, as well as off field etiquette, which in my opinion is every bit as important as onfield play.

Watch for the event forum out today or tommorow.

Thank you,

Counterfeit Combat
Melville, Saskatchewan

Operation Mason Relic Owner

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