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Originally Posted by Donster View Post
honestly, if you want a good quality M14, TM is your only choice. They make the best M14s on the market. sure, you can get an AGM or a CYMA, but their tolerances will be off slightly, so even if you upgrade it to the same level as a TM, it will not be as good.

If you have your heart set on an M14, but cannot buy a TM (your mistake though), get an Echo-1 M14. That would mostly likely be your best bet.

hope that helps

that really is the problem i know that tm really is my best bet but i really CAN'T, as in do not have the possibility to pay 500$ for a gun... as weak as that sounds.

so i kind of have to unless, someone is crazy enough to sell ma a tm m14 for 400$
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