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M14 clusterf**k

I recently became hellbent on getting myself an m14...

turns out there pretty damn rare and hard to figure out. I tried looking in on the classifieds and theres nothing but tm's and thats way to rich for my blood im looking for an AEG under 400$ so i went to the retailers checked things out. i settled on th new version of the agm Mp0008 (m14).

But it turns out that agm is part of a vast and incredibly complicated network or company working for other companies that subcontract for someone, elsethen rebrand to another and end up selling there own guns without even knowing.

final result i completely lost and i have know clue whats an agm and what isnt...

so please help me, specifically with the m14's that sasksoft armoury and halifax airsoft are selling.

p.s. why is bob's airsoft page still open if he doesnt exist ??
my loadout:
- KWA USP .45
- G&G m14 veteran version
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