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Yeah, I guess I didn't word that the best.

The majority of the times when we play, there is a lot of brush in the field. The target can be a relatively short distance away, but the brush that you're trying to shoot through makes your shots all wonky, so you need more shots to make up for it.

Kind of like a stock AEG is more "accurate" than a stock sniper rifle, because it can send more shots down range. I'm not trying to promote spray n' pray or anything, it's just that you need a few more shots when you're outdoors than what realcaps usually offer. Lowcaps seem to be the happy medium.

Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
"stopping power"? don't get what you mean. Unless your rules are different from's one hit and your dead (or wounded, then dead...depending on the game). One BB stops a guy just as well as 30 if you hit them.

real caps work fine if:
- everyone is using them (even level playing field then)
- all the players are "sensitive" to taking a hit and are conditioned enough to call it immediately

I've played more than a few real cap games and it's a great blast. The pucker factor goes right through the roof when you start running out of mags...or are wondering if you have enough rounds left if someone came around the corner right then and there.

I've seen guys soak up hit after hit...and then clue in that they got hit. It's common to get jazzed up and not feel things. But I've also been at some great games where all the guys immediately call a hit, even "maybe I didn't get hit" shots just because they weren't sure.

When everyone's really ammo limited it pretty much ends the "I'll stay put and snipe at a guy from here" type of one has enough ammo to do that for long. If you're blasting away at'll quickly find yourself outgunned when crunch time comes.

Also...everyone tends to switch to semi...and that seems to make people aim and be more careful with their shots. Instead of unleashing a 10 shot burst someone's way in the hopes of hitting them...people will pick their shots and conserve ammo.

I can't recommend it highly the next game suggest that everyone load to 33-35 rounds (accounting for some lost in the hopup) and play a round. See if guys like the action and game play better.
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