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If a person posts a comment or asks a question that is blatantly stupid, smuggling guns across the border for example, a few warning bells should go off.

First one is smuggling. Smuggling is illegal any way you slice it, there is no legal smuggling of goods. If it is a legal product then you wouldn't need to smuggle it.

Secondly the 18+ jazz. When you go to walmart the guns, display packages, manuals, everything says in big bold letters:


There is no arguing with these two simple facts about airsoft guns. I get upset when I read posts that are not legible, contain zero punctuation and/or capitalization. People come here to ask questions there is no reason they should take the time to type out a proper question. I understand there are bilingual people on the board and they sometimes have trouble formatting sentences because French is so different from English when speaking and writing.

I get upset at people on the internet easily. I also like pissing people off on the internet. As such I try and stay away from posting in stupid newbie tank threads.
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