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I never got flamed once when I started on this board. You know why? I kept my mouth shut for the first 6 weeks and read instead of asking a bunch of stupid questions.

Not all questions are stupid, but the ones newbs ask are, for the most part, a combination of laziness and having the attention span of a squirrel.

I also resent being labeled as being on my high horse because I refuse to deal with idiots. I will pay it forward when someone deserving comes along and shows me they are worthy of a little guidance by putting some effort into clicking that big, bad search button. I know it weights allot, but using it shows me you are not a total retard, and therefor reassures me I will not be wasting my time.

I can count in the THOUSANDS the number of time on this board where advice is given, and then rejected because it's not the answer they wanted to hear.

Guiding and mentoring requires two people to participate. I don't see that level of engagement from most new folks. Sorry.

It's unfortunate, but there are a few new folks that get dragged in with the dumb asses by association. Life's rough.

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