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Let's not forget that there's no stupid question, a question is a query from someone seeking knowledge and should not be seen or taken as stupid just under informed. I agree that there are levels of common sense but to what I see everyday, common sense isn't so common anymore. I do my venting when I'm alone in my car I don't jump on asc and look for people to bash because that's just stupid, what possible benefit would I or the rest of the airsoft community get from such action. Younger and newer players need to be encourage to ask questions, too many people post half assed assumptions on topics they know very little about, if more people are informed then as a collective it's beneficial.

If you're new and are serious about getting your facts straight, keep records of it so you can tally up everything you've gathered, stay away from guys who bash you, they're not worth your time, if people are more than happy to help like myself and my team take them up on it, hell we even coach during games.

Don't give up on airsoft your are our future.
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