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KWA KM4A1 or CA anything?


I just searched the forums looking to see what companies that people were gettin' M4's from. The other day I tried ordering the full metal KWA KM4A1 from AirArmory, but turns out that Amazon wouldn't ship it to my location (London, Ontario). I contacted AirArmory, and they told me it might have something to do with Firearm laws etc etc, and so I looked that up. I figured it was probably because it was considered a replica firearm, so that made sense, but I noticed that a lot of you folks have CA guns... how did you guys get your hands on those? I was on the 007 Airsoft website yesterday and it said that CA weapons are "not for civilian".

This is the M4 I want, but they can't ship it to me 'cause of stupid firearm laws in Canada: I looked at alternative M4's from other companies, but they look so cheap and fake. I want it to look as real as possible.

So where are you guys getting your hands on CA stuff and the like? 'Cause the CA weapons are pretty much replicas, aren't they? They look pretty realistic to me.
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