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While sometimes I guess people here come off as harsh or whatever, and sometimes those people meant to be harsh. But that doesn't mean the person should get all butthurt over pixels on a screen. Its very situational as every thread has degrees of deservedness. People with a genuine interest and show that they have at least attempted to do their own research (starting a new thread asking whatever is on your mind is research but in the wrong order) get a welcome that is allot nicer than ones who show an obvious lack of effort on their part.

If after telling the person to try using the search features and reading the stickies they still show a lack of effort on their part then why should we show any effort to help them? We are not here to hold anyones hand who aren't willing to help themselves and only expect to be spoonfed by the populous here. I still am a firm believer that in order for someone post a thread they should have to complete some form of test quizzing them on some of the most frequently occurring threads we see pop up on a daily basis. This would ensure the person reads the FAQ and stickies before they flood the board with a question that has been asked COUNTLESS times.

The people who tend to be harsher (for the most part) are just annoyed at the flagrant lack of effort on the persons part for looking something up on their own. Sure their knee-jerk reactions may not be the best response but you gotta look at the source of their frustration. Once that can be taken care of (ie: with the suggestion of a test on the FAQ before one can make a new thread, etc...) then you wouldn't see as much "flaming" as you do.

Fuck I hate when that word gets thrown around more than Lindsay Lohans ginger twat. Some people just need to grow thicker skin instead of crying "that man on the internet said something I didnt like!!!". Thats just my (not so) humble opinion.
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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