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Not directed at the OP in any way

I have a theory that new players are afraid of getting shot because they imagine that it hurts really badly and they automatically go for a role that would see them being hidden from other players and less likely to be shot.

They then decide to look into sniping when they first start out but the 'ole ASC repetitive machine comes out and corrects them with the whole sniper rifle as a first gun thing, they then retreat a little bit, and if they're smart they look into other guns/roles and go on to become regular airsofters.

Some don't and still buy an L96 from buyairsoft and plink around at home with it and never see a game because they think that they won't be allowed to play with it etc. they stay away from asc for a bit because they have gotten all that they want out of airsoft for the time being.

Then later on when basement plinking loses it's joy they come back and ask something like "where can I get black guns in Canada, I have a Well L96 from buyairsoft...." question, the monkey patrol sees their post, checks their join date (from when they first joined to ask about sniping) and thinks "wtf you've been here this long and you're asking such an easily researched question"

flames ensue, and everyone has a good laugh, some infractions might get handed out and occassionally a knight in shining armour (usually a newer but not-so-new player that thinks they were to hard on him, OR an older player that never comes on anymore and doesn't see that this type of shit happens everyday) emerges to defend said noob and things get even wackier

thread gets locked, and T7 or The Saint or another mod comes in to clean up and give the OP some facts on airsoft (and maybe some infractions, depending on how they posted) and we all go back to working on our guns, drinking, looking at porn etc. until the next monkey thread comes along.

woah that's long (twss lol)
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