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Yes and no. With a BASR (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle) vs an AEG the AEG will tend to win. That being said the BASR allows you to run with a higher velocity (after being trusted or passing the BASR course) and the MED's are very stringent.

A BASR vs an AEG it's the same range. Only when you dump about $1000 (on top of the initial cost of a high quality base gun) into the BASR will it outperform an AEG. Do not go with a clone and attempt to upgrade it, it's just a waste of money

No. You can pin an AEG to semi only and using a MOSFET, force a 1 second dead time, essentially making your AEG a BASR. Not only that you might also be interested in playing the role of a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle).

You're in luck there's a really active community out in the East. TTAC3 is one of the CQB venues and I believe you can also get AV'ed there while you're at it.

I don't know TBH, there are a few but I honestly couldn't tell you. As for CT and Walmart, avoid those like the plague. The guns they sell are pure and simple shit, and use proprietary/non standard parts so if it breaks you're SOL and out of $100 or whatever you spent. The only one worth getting from those places is the S34P 3-shot shotgun, by no means the "greatest" but the only one actually worth your money.

Indoor CQB can be as low as sub-330, and outdoors as high as 425. Indoors 330 is the limit that you'll be allowed to play at 100% of the fields and 350 at some fields. As for outdoor 400 is the general limit that most people in Canada follow.

Yes. There is "bullet drop" just like in real life. You must compensate for this. There is hop-up to counteract this and try to keep it at a more stable flight path however it's only so effective.

About 80 feet and you should be able to reliably predict the grouping. Anything further than that is based on luck, skill, and upgrades.

If it's black you're legally allowed to own it. As for the partially clear "Cansoft", they're just legal for import, once in country the police could care less what colour it is. You're still charged the same way if you do something stupid regardless of the colour of the gun, you could wave a totally clear gun at an officer or rob a store with a clear gun but when you get charged the prosecution will treat it as if it were black regardless of the colour it was during the commission of the crime.
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