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Before I answer anything at all, please see this thread before continuing on.

In the future your thread title maybe edited, possibly to something that you may or may not like.

Moving along to the topic at hand. Many players will discourage you from playing the role of a sharp shooter due to the fact that you will be out gun by those who have AEGs, however I will let you make the decision for yourself.

Originally Posted by lynx89 View Post

Playing this roll of a sniper is a spring type rifle the best way to play the roll?
In short, high quality spring guns are found to be the most consistent.

Originally Posted by lynx89 View Post
Is a spring type rifle the only way to play the roll of a sniper?
Of course not, there are also AEG based sniper rifles, gas based rifles as well as converted from AEG to single shot style DMR guns as well.

What clubs are in Ontario? I am from Toronto Ont
There are a few, they are listed here on this website if you know where to look.
There is a sniper clinic being run in the next couple of months that you maybe interested in looking at.

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What stores are there in the GTA that I myself can go to and talk face to face with someone?
Not many due to the nature of airsoft in Canada, but there are a few. I will leave the names and locations left to those more familiar with the area.

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What is the FPS in a game? I see that no more than 407FPS is allowed? Is this true? anything over can get you in trouble with the law?
FPS rules differ by the host of the game and region. For example, in my are we play CQB with only guns that are less than 350. While outdoors our AEGs can go all the way up to 425 and bolt actions up to 470ish I believe. For future reference FPS is based on using the weight of 0.2g BBs. Airsoft in general can get you in trouble with the law if you go out in public brandishing it like a fool. As for FPS any FPS would deem an airsoft gun a firearm would be to hot to use an airsoft game anyways.

Originally Posted by lynx89 View Post

Do the BB'S dip over a long distance? 100' 150' 200'+ Thus harder to hit someone while being a sniper?
Yes, BBs do begin to drop after a certain distance. This is countered by a device called a hop up, essentially what this part does is it puts a backspin on the BB allowing it to travel a farther distance unhindered. Using a heavier BB will also attribute to greater distanced shorts, however you will have reduced FPS.

Originally Posted by lynx89 View Post

What is the AVG range of a spring type rilfe? Does a longer barrle give you more range?
Thats hard to say, due to so many varying brands and quality. Ignoring low end guns entirely, lets take a Tokyo Marui made VSR, stock out of the box. We should expect this item to be performing around 290-300FPS with a .2g bb. Lets say 30-40 meters max effective range. Lets take a fully upgrade maruzen APS2 shooting 480FPS with a 0.2. Instead of using a 0.2g BB we swap a 0.3g BB in its place, with hopup we should be able to have an effective range of 60-70meters now.

Originally Posted by lynx89 View Post
I see and read that the airsoft guns in Canada have to be clear? or part of them have to be clear? Can someone give me the REAL story behind this? I have soo many more questions but at least this will get me started in learning this game.
They are not required to be clear, the only reason why they are clear is that they are required to have their respective restricted receiver part be clear for importation.
I could carry on but my fingers are tired and Im sure you have many more questions. However before you post anything else I recommend you refer to this section first. Its the Frequently asked question section, also known as the FAQ. It should have almost all if not all the answers to the questions you may have.

There were other posts in this thread, however they were useless and uninformative, so I deleted them. Useless posts have been a poor trend as of late. If no one has anything useful to add then STFU and GTFO.

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