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Hello and good day to all, The other day I was looking into paintballing and getting loaded up with a whole sniper kit and looking into the different type of guns and such and was ready to make the move and buy into it when all of a sudden on youtube I caught a clip of this sport taken in Scotland.And all I can say is WOW..It looked so real and the men playing it were really into it and then I saw how real a sniper roll would be like without the air tank and full mask thus using a spring type rifle.My questions are these...

Playing this roll of a sniper is a spring type rifle the best way to play the roll?

Using a spring type rifle how does it range to other rifles/guns?

Is a spring type rifle the only way to play the roll of a sniper?

What clubs are in Ontario? I am from Toronto Ont

What stores are there in the GTA that I myself can go to and talk face to face with someone?

What is the FPS in a game? I see that no more than 407FPS is allowed? Is this true? anything over can get you in trouble with the law?

Do the BB'S dip over a long distance? 100' 150' 200'+ Thus harder to hit someone while being a sniper?

What is the AVG range of a spring type rilfe? Does a longer barrle give you more range?

I see and read that the airsoft guns in Canada have to be clear? or part of them have to be clear? Can someone give me the REAL story behind this? I have soo many more questions but at least this will get me started in learning this game.

Thank you all soo much....
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