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Even if you don't end up buying a gun off the classifieds it's still a good thing to be AV'ed. If you'd rather get the SRC then it's probably not as big of a priority and you can get AV'ed if/when you attend your first game assuming there is an AV rep at the field who can do it.

What the classifieds does is open up a "whole new world" of stuff. There is more to choose from, and varying price ranges from $100 for a "parts gun" to $3000+ for a SystemA PTW with all the bells and whistles, real steel equipment and extras like scope, mags, cylinders, etc.

There are also more brands to choose from and "black guns" (which have black plastic or metal bodies) available.

SRC is good, and Ken is a good guy so don't have any worries about dealing with him regarding getting your "Cansoft" guns from him.
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