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I do not believe that this thread requires to continue on. It has served its purpose.

As a future warning to anyone else who decides to order from the USA because a website told you that it would make it, perhaps you should sit back and take a moment to evaluate the situation. Someone wants your money, is it that hard to believe they will say anything to you to convince you to get it?

Here is a quote from their webpage.
EastCoastAirsoft prides itself on being one of the few retailers that ships to Canada. We very rarely have problems with Canadian shipping, but there is always a minute chance that your order will be seized and not returned. EastCoastAirsoft does not take responsibility for any lost, stolen, damaged, or seized packages. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call us at 410-838-6856.
Once they have your money, they dont care. So next time you consider ordering from the USA, just dont, regardless what the retailer tells you. Unless they have a 100% money back on seizure guarantee I wouldn't even bother giving them the time of day.

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