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Thumbs down Shipping rates outrageous!

I've paid some high shipping in the past, for instance from RedWolf Airsoft who I believe are also based in Hong Kong but it was something like $30 shipping for an $100 plus order of couple pistol mags and soft gun cases but Airsoft Global takes the cake. I bought a M16A1 VN style handguard which is not very large or heavy at all and I'm paying $25 shipping. Shipping costs more than the part! I had to remove items from my cart because that part plus just couple plastic mags were going to cost me $45 shipping!!!

This is very frustrating considering when I order from a store such as AirsoftPark they don't charge shipping for anything and I get my order 2 weeks later consistently. I believe airsoftpark are mainland China but still... gimme a break.

I asked them why their shipping is so high and told them that I want to order more but can't justify it with shipping fees like that.

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