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Originally Posted by cjboi View Post
how did I fail? im from winnipeg manitoba canada. First of all Im not trying to side with anyone. I have 4 guns all together and two from matt. which is echo 1 e90 and a socom meu pistol. I think airsoftcanada is great, and I also think eastcoastairsoft is great. I just dont plan to get age verified right now because i have 4 guns, and i dont need to buy any guns right now. im doing major upgrades on all my guns. To all Canadians, Im here to tell you that I just got lucky my orders went through customs. If you plan to buy good guns just buy it here at because for sure you'll get it. But if you wanna risk your money and wanna get guns from somewhere, then i suggest you better have money because this isnt a cheap hobby and please people stop hating!!! PEACE OUT
I'm kind of bored so let me pick apart your post.

First things first, no one and I mean no one (unless you're a new immigrant) ever says "Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada" They'll say Winnipeg, Winterpeg, or Winnepeg, Manitoba, or some sort of permutation of that. That's the first tip off you're not from Winnipeg or even Canadian for that matter.

Secondly you say "To all Canadians", OK seriously? That's the best you can come up with? That in my eyes is a big tip off you don't even live in Canada.

Also not a big thing but no one says, it's "ASC" just like how is "Arnies", is "ASR", and (now defunct) used to be "ASCUK".
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