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You do run a paintball field so general stuff that's the same between airsoft and paintball I'll leave out (eg. Snacks, BBQ, drinks and such).

When you do the chrono you should load the mag up with 10 BB's. The last 4 usually don't feed because the spring isn't powerful enough to push the last 4 out into the gun. From there on take 5 shots and see if any of the shots are above the limits (the same as in paintball how you normally take 4 or 5 shots to get a "range").

As for BB's I personally use .25's or .28's but it doesn't mean that players won't use .20's or .30's or above.

Limits that a club in Vancouver has setup are as follows:

330FPS with 0.20g BBs for handguns.
400FPS with 0.20g BBs for FULL AUTO AEG. 20FT MED.
450FPS with 0.20g BBs for SEMI AUTO AEG. 60FT MED. Full Auto is not allowed at this velocity.

Note that it's your field so you set the limits, but keep it sane, if you have a smaller outdoor "FIBUA" field then obviously you don't want people running around with 1.41 Joule guns (400 FPS on .20's) instead drop it to something like 350 FPS on .20's or have pistol only games (most GBB pistols, save for the TM MK.23 will shoot at or below 350 stock, and only someone crazy like the user Mike McNair will mod a GBB into a super powerful GBB that shoots as hard as possible) (I hope he doesn't use that for CQB).

Indoors, the general max is 350 however a lot of fields will play with 330 or below (the difference in speed is negligible if you calculate the impact time between 350 and 330 or even sub-300 FPS because of such small/tight spaces).

Also note that you can require players who run guns that are capable of full auto to have their guns pinned to semi only if they're shooting really hot. This can be achieved through a Trigger Master MOSFET unit (there are units that allow you to select fire modes (Safe, Semi, Auto; Safe, Burst, Auto; Safe; Semi; Burst; Semi only with no dead time; Semi only with dead time (1 sec to act as a "BA rifle") and any variation on those options) and one unit that pins it to ONLY semi, and can't be changed).

PS: It's good you're asking and trying to figure out how viable it is to run airsoft games at your field and learning about the rules and nuances. But I guess that has to happen if you're smart and expect to stay in business that you want to make smart decisions to bring home food on the table.

Also don't forget to check with your insurance on eye wear. Some paintball venues/insurance policies will only allow paintball approved full masks, some paintball goggles at a minimum, others sealed ballistics, and some ballistic glasses (even if the ballistic goggles/glasses are tougher than paintball approval standards, if the insurance corp can find anything wrong you did then you can say bye bye to any claims cause they'll just deny you).

Hope it works out for you and I'm sure that a lot of players will appreciate a new venue opening up for them.
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