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Thats a general rule for FPS on a field with lots of brush to punch through, is outdoor so has to battle wind, and longer engagement distances. With those high FPS rules there is generally a mercy rule of 10 feet. Try to recommend the players use some kind of mouth/face protection. Here in southern Ontario we have Sniper Clinics that show a person is responsible and safe with the operation of a bolt action rifle with higher FPS. Level 2 are allowed up to 500 FPS, Level 3 up to 550 FPS. This course is run by our very own sniper guru ShaDo, any questions should be directed to him.. Whether you choose to recognize the certified bolt action operators with the hotter guns is completely up to you. Because they are certified does not mean they are entitled to anything, the final decision is up to the field/host.

If you intend to rent out airsoft guns, try to have a regular gun doc available as airsoft guns tend to act up quite alot. And noobs who don't know how to use one, what to listen for, what to feel for might break a gun rather quickly. Learn yourself how to do things like spring swaps. Stock up on parts like springs and offer to do spring changes to those who show up early for a nominal fee. Chronograph everyones gun to ensure no one is running a hot gun. Deal swiftly with people who feel the rules don't apply to them.

As far as BBs go, BB Bastard should be your number one. Stock up on .20, .25, .28 and .30. If people want anything else they can either ask for in advance when you make an order, or get it themselves. When chronographing peoples guns ensure they give YOU an empty mag, load 3 .20 BBs (this is what is used to get accurate chrono results. All FPS ratings are with .20 BBs).

Would be a great idea to have charging stations if peoples batteries go kablamo. Maybe sell extra batteries as well. Im sure you already have goggles to rent out for people who need them. Does your field allow rated goggles that aren't PB goggles, or are people restricted to JUST PB goggles? Having refreshments on hand would be nice. Coffee, hot chocolate, juice, snack bars, chips, chocolate bars, etc...
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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