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The playing field is Soldiers of Fortune Paintball located at 6320 English Church Road in Hamilton. We offer our customers 8 different scenario oriented fields on nearly 60 acres of playing area.

The notion of volunteers for buildings days does work. We definitely will try it for Airsoft players as well. Using volunteers for refereeing positions is a lot more difficult...some volunteers are great and perform better then paid employees but as a rule paid employees are more reliable. However, now that the government is raising minimum wage to $10.50 we will probably not be able to afford to pay our referees alot more...

In the past we would hire referees on a trial basis at minimum wage and if they made it past the trail period we would give them a .50 raise plus minor profit sharing (they received a small portion of the funds generated from air & Co2 fills). Usually, they would make between $1.25-$1.50 an hour over the minimum wage plus they received generous discounts in store and on field. So overall it was beneficial both ways...they made more money and we had better employees and the customers were generally more satifisfied with the level of customer service. However, since minimum wage in the last 3 years has gone from $6.85 to $10.50 (this year) we might have to reduce or eliminate the wage increase...

Anyways, sorry to get off track! I see BB Bastard is a popular choice for ammo. What weights would everyone recommend?

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