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Where is your paintball field located may I ask?

Also I'm not sure how comfortable you are with this, however I believe a few fields have "building days" where a bunch of people will come out and change the field around; whether it's new bunkers, fixing things, general maintenance, etc. And from that they get free entry for the next game or two. I'm not sure if paintball fields do it with paintballers though but it's a good way to get people out to change the field and pretty much costs you nothing in manpower/money just free entry vouchers to the people that help out. (I guess similar to how PB fields will get "volunteer refs" in exchange for paint or field entry fee waived for their next game, however it seems that some volunteer refs aren't as "high quality" as a paid "full time" ref).

I personally suggest the SRC (Gen III) stuff, the QC seems to have stepped up a lot since their Gen II and Ken is overall a great guy to deal with.

EDIT: In addition to BB Bastard there is also Metal Tech/Airsoft Elite (if you're in the West) since BBBastard is quite expensive to ship out to BC and Metal Tech Mfg is in Kelowna so a lot more economical to purchase large orders from them. Pick up a variety of weights of BB's. .20's, .25's, .28's, even some .34's for snipers. BUT make sure that players chrono using .20's (as it's the easiest to chrono with). Remember you want to limit "energy" of the projectile not FPS of the projectile. 400 FPS on .20's translates to about 360 on .25's IIRC and so on. Arnies Airsoft I believe has an "FPS calculator" which also calculates energy (in Joules, and ft*lbs) based on weight and speed of the projectile.
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