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Hey guys thanks for all the response. It sounds like a bit of an interest for some and yet little faith...

Ok so to better accomodate the potential of this idea lets streamline this.

Not green just off the street (or basement) newbs that ruin krakens and rock the .12g
but rather a group of 5-20 (thats a hope) who meet in a central location or are picked up along the way. The participants would have to be ready for the price of a road trip and the necessities for airsoft. No one wants to play with a gun crazed (or knife) newb for a week and have to drive for 10+ hours with them! We want mature (I'm 23) people who can be welcomed through out the provinces.

Seeing as I am in Southern Alberta I will be starting from here and willing to meet up with others through Sask. and Man. to bring to Ont. The best way would be to play a few games along the way in those places that the group want to hit. I find the summer to be more fitting for my schedule and yet a final date has yet to be set. For anyone in Ontario we could set up a meeting in Manitoba for a game and all leave with them on to Barrie or where ever we see fit.

This could be a legendary crew out on an epic journey to the center of proving Pus wrong (and meeting him)!
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