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Originally Posted by Airsoft 101 View Post
first of all because im asking questions about a gun doesnt mean im gonna buy one now, im looking at ones for when i can start, how do u think i would get one anyways, second i know how to play airsoft ive been to a feild and watched games before and ive played matched at places where u can be 16 and have a 18 yr old supervisor but i guess that doesnt matter to u guys.

you're 16 now, you have 2 years to do all the research that you need to find out what gun you need, you've been told about age verification so you know that you can get guns on this site, so asking where to get guns is pointless.

you know that we don't condone underaged airsoft, you think we are going to buy that BS about wanting to know for later, you think you are the first kid to feed us that line?

if you know where to play games that allow kids to play, why'd you post this?

Originally Posted by Airsoft 101 View Post
hey, i have been looking for places around where i live to play airsoft about an hour or so away. i live in newmarket ontario, is there any good places near me??? if so please tell me the names. thank you!!!!!
more like, you read that some fields allow 16+ w/a guardian and thought you would claim you did it yourself


Thread title says "i am looking for a great solid sniper"

not "I am just asking what a good sniper rifle is so that when I turn 18 in 2 years I will know which one to buy", try again.

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