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Just a note, you CAN bring most upgrade parts like pistons, gears, springs, barrels etc.

So if you have aftermarket parts in your guns and don't want to part with them take them out of your gun, put them into a box and bring it along with you. I mean they're generic parts and could or couldn't be used for airsoft. What's a spring used for anyways? It could be used for practically any application, same thing with the barrel (a metal tube that's 6.0x mm in diameter and ___mm long) and piston.

Basically to be safe don't take any externals with you, internals are safe. If you do decide to take some of your externals the things that are guaranteed safe are; Stocks, PEQ/Battery Boxes, RIS/RAS systems, mags, pistol grips, and stuff like that. Bodies (receivers) are a definite no no.
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