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Airsoft trip summer 2010

So I think its about time that us noobs from across Canada gathered together for a nice 'airsoft training vacation'.

If we were to plan it around some workshop and a few games with ASC hosts the whole thing could bring more noobs into the flock.

I was thinking that carpool would be great for some of us and one hotel that we all stay in to keep the group in focus. So here we go!

Goal: Get connected into the greater airsoft community.

Who: Any airsofter (this is aimed at noobs to integrate, but all need to socialize).

What: An airsoft meet and greet with all of our favorite ASC members.

When: Summer 2010 (lets find common ground).

Where: In hopes of Ontario and Manitoba, perhaps Quebec.

Why: So the people across the country have a chance to share some time.

Please tell me your opinions on this idea first, if it has some potential to happen we will start a new sign up thread or clean this one for it.
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