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My WE SCAR impressions

Hi guys, here you will find nothing new on an old subject, the WE SCAR GBBR. There are tons or reviews out there already. So I'll give my impression on it.

I had many airsoft guns since I begin. I don't play airsoft, I collect airsoft guns for the fun and realism of them. My first one was a TM M3 shotgun, after a KJW M92F Elite IA,a KWA M9ptp, a Well L96 firing (after mods) at 670fps, a Cyma akm with, after mods, nothing left from Cyma and a 575fps gearbox running on lipo. After that I tried my first GBBR, a used first gen WE M4A1. I upgraded it to last gen spec and with the Co2 noozle kit: it was doing a whooping 561fps at best and I was please. I sold it and bought a brand new WE M16A3 with steel Nato engraved outer barrel: cost me 1280$. It was the beautifulest airsoft gun I had (I'm a huge fan of the M16/AR-15) but I was disapointed by the WE quality finish of the gun. After that I began having a lot of problems with the WE mags, the Co2 ones simply not working and the propane ones leaking.

So I was left with selling it at lost (I put a 300$ Stag-Arms AR-15 receiver) because I was very tired of the WE mags lol, and since I didn't want to go back to AEG/Springer, I decided to quit the airsoft thing. But at last though, I bought a brand new WE SCAR GBBR in black. I don't care if the black color is not a RS color, I find it very better dress in black.

Since I received this gun, I felt totaly in love with it. I still find the gun ugly with the stock looking like a boot (nothing compares to the majesty of the M16), but the handling, feeling, recoil, sound etc. it's just, for me, way better then the WE M4/M16 I had! This gun just gave me the kick back to airsoft. Handling it is a charm (ligther and shorter then the M16A3). It's my first experience with a foldable stock and I love it. I placed the cocking handle on the left side wich is perfect for my feeling (I'm still right handed). There are no woobles at all, it feel like a big block of strenght. The sound of the bolt carrier moving on the rail is just superb, metal vs metal in a loud clang! The recoil feel a little bit heavier then my last M4/M16. And the best thing of all is the disassembly: it takes, seriously, 30 seconds to disassemble and 1 minutes when also unscrewing the outer barrel. There is just nothing inside :|

There are still a lot of downsides: still the same WE mags so will leak sooner or later, big lack of upgrades like the other WE GBBR (compare to WA/G&P/Inokatsu). Hum... in fact that's all I can find! The gun is too short, I would have love the H version.

I already ordered the 505mm M16A3 WE inner barrel with a 220mm silencer to hide it. After I will buy Bommer bolt carrier and Ra-Tech NPAS!

YouTube- SCAR GBBR recoil

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