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How to tell if they are systema?

alright I bought a p90 a while ago for the GF, we were told that the mechbox was reinforced and it had systema gears in it with some other goodies.

Anyways the guy seemed pretty straight laced and I was new to the sport. it game with a 10.8 volt battery so again assuming it was upgraded.

Anywho the battery ended up dieing on us so we asked if it should be lipo ready. He said yes and we put the 11.1v lipo in. It shot nice, lasted a season and still works.

Now here is the fun part. I am getting into gun "doctoring" so I descided to just do some work on the v6 mech box. I open it up aaaand well its got upgraded bushings, and a spring. How ever the piston is the stock plastic piston, cylinder looks stock, No reinforcments at all, and the worst part. Metal fucking shavings all over the gears. The gears look bone stock as well.

Is there any possible way I can tell if these things are stock or not. The p90 is getting a mosfet unit because its roughly the cost of a new battery... and the GF wants 3 round burst. So that should slow down the ROF and make these gears last longer. Also are some filings normal? I mean the mechbox may not have been opened for 2 seasons. the shim job seems alright.

Again as always with my tech threads I can snap some pics. There is no real wear on the piston. The wear seems to be on the spur gear.

On a side note Buyer beware, I would ask for reciepts for any upgrades that people claim they have done.
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