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Prometheus Vs. Systema Tight Bore question

I'm looking at buying a silencer for my KWA G36C and putting a longer tight bore into it, and I was looking at these barrels:

Prometheus 6.03 Stainless

Or the

Systema 6.04

The Prometheus is $30 more than the Systema, and I'm assuming that's because of the tighter bore. But my question is if the Prometheus is worth the extra money? Will it make that much more of a difference?

And when it says that the different barrels are suited for different guns, is that because of the length of the stock outer barrel?

Also, what else would I need to get? I know that this cylinder was recommended in another thread to avoid a FPS drop (I think) but what else if anything would I need to change?

Thanks for your help.
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