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Thanks for the great read guys. Read all 6 pages.

A lot of great points have been made, and I can fully understand where the term elitist comes from. I run several forums and know how frustrating it can be dealing with new folks who don't understand how to form a proper sentence, let alone how to properly ask a question. I've been there time and time again trying to explain the very basics about DSM (talons, eclipse, laser) and people will almost always resort to the cheapest possible alternative. And for god sakes, use the search button!

Something simple that DOES in fact translate to airsoft from my car modifying experience.

You can be cheap.
You can be fast (fps,accuracy etc)
You can be reliable.

But you can only pick 2.

As a newcomer to the sport, I also understand the flip side of the coin. (and I completely understand the hockey references, I never buy cheap skates - bad bad bad!) A friend and I both recently bought guns from Velocity Arms. We didn't go crazy, but didn't go completely on the cheap either. I bought an HK416 variant (w/552 reddot), and he got himself an M4 sniper setup. I've bought a full CADPAT BDU setup, a semi-cheap vest to start ($80, i'll see how I like it). I still need a few more things to complete my setup. I've also got a cheap CO2 pistol (I actually like it though) and a leg-drop holster. I'm sure I've spent over 1000-1100 dollars already. I understand how people may not want to invest more than a few hundred bucks into something. Sometimes you just need to go balls deep into things to find out if you truly enjoy it. Although you could borrow somebody's gear to get a good appreciation for the hobby/sport.

As long as the vets respect the nubs and help nurture them a bit instead of chastising them about everything they do wrong, I don't see the harm in how things are run here. In the end it's their decision whether or not to heed your advice. So far, so good for me though. Just don't jump down my (or other people) throat over some nub ignorance. Everybody has to start somewhere.

Originally Posted by LoveMyStubby
How to avoid getting shot: Law Enforcement arrives, drop the gun and listen to the commands. It doesn't matter if it's an airsoft gun, knife, rake, salad spoon, or a dildo, if they think innocent people are at risk, they will shoot.

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