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I could have tried to lube them but I can only open the spring port on one mag and I'm not gonna scratch the hell out of the tops with a screwdriver to open the rest up, I tried putting a few through my gun and every 2nd or 3rd shot doesn't fire, one of them is permenatly jammed. I've contacted ehobby and Star to see what can be done about this and I'm still waiting to hear back from them. I'm angry for buying a product that doesn't work right, it would be like buying a new aeg have it grenade on you (even though you use quality ammo) within the first mag that goes through it. it ain't right and as a customer this is something the company that made the product should rectify right away.

People calling me an idiot without knowing the facts of the situation are the same people that discourage new players from joining up, so unless you've got something positive to contribute why don't you just keep your opinions to yourself.
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